I write because I prefer the Worlds of my characters, to that of my own.
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J. Dao may be an anti-social, introverted adhd kid with social anxiety and very few useful skills. HOWEVER, creating a character, building a world, and extracting the ridiculous and bizarre thoughts that occupy his mind and forming them into a story? Well, that tickles his fancy quite a bit. 

Many moons ago, an 8th grade english class was assigned a book report. From the list of available books, one young boy chose the novel Cujo, by Stephen King. Out of the entire class, the teacher chose that young boy's report to read aloud as a show of excellence and example to the rest of the class. Alas, the impact of the experience would lay dorment for many years. That very same young boy, would grow up to become a lost soul who would spiral down into an extestensial depression with each failed career attempt. Eventually, he found writing. 

Now, he creates stories he hopes will momentarily transport someone to a different world. For fun, for adventure, and perhaps, to spark intriguing thoughts or questions.

To escape. 


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